CFP: Round Circle of Resonance: José Esteban Muñoz, Due 9/15/14

Round Circle of ResonanceRound Circle of Resonance: José Esteban Muñoz

This December 2013 marks the first anniversary of the sudden passing of the exceedingly brilliant and much beloved José Esteban Muñoz—scholar, friend, Germs fan, karaoke partner, and proponent of wildness (and wryness). While José’s groundbreaking (and enabling) work lives on, remaining quite well known in the fields of queer theory, performance studies, queer of color and critical race studies communities, his interventions into sound studies have thus far operated profoundly but quietly at the many interstices of the field.  However, quietly was not José’s style—and it’s not Sounding Out!’s either.

To honor our dear colleague José, SO! will amplify the impact his work has made on sound studies by hosting a December forum filled with sound artists, scholars, and other audio culture workers whose labor has been vivified, challenged, enabled, transformed and/or scaffolded through engagement with his work.  We are looking for short pieces of scholarship, sound art, cultural analysis, and creative multimedia (900-1200 words) that highlight an important concept, passage, or presentation of Jose’s that you have found key to your corner of the sound world—and then we want to see how you work it in your own right.  Darby Crash, lead singer of the Germs once sang, “Deep, deep, deep inside my eyes/ There’s a round, round, round, circle of lives” and this December we want to show, feel, hear, and make audible—sound LOUDLY–the ever widening, continuously resonating circles of José’s voice upon us all.

We welcome research-based posts and posts examining aural experience through a first-person narrative style; many of our posts mix both. We also welcome ideas for podcasts as well as artistic posts that use the blog format to create an original audio-visual experience.

Please pitch your idea to us in 250 (or less) of your best words by September 15th.  Send inquiries and submissions to Jennifer Stoever, SO!’s Editor-in-Chief, at  Don’t forget to read our submission guidelines before sending us your stuff.

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