CFP: Sound and Cities, 11/15/13

309480398_5e5de0b647_nCFP: Sound and Cities, 11/15/2013

From subways to highways, from street crowds to street corners, cities are often depicted as noisy. Whether it’s the roar of cars or the murmurs of overheard conversations, it seems the proximity of people, buildings, and technology immediately evoke ideas of sound. However, cities are also the hotbed of conversations about noise ordinances and how loud is too loud. Here at Sounding Out! we are interested in thinking through that connection between cities and sound, and we will be hosting a series of posts on that topic for February 2014. For this reason we are issuing a new Call for Posts.

Use the following questions to pump up the volume, but please feel free to consider the subject from other angles or from a transnational context.

  • What is the relationship between sounds and cities?

  • What sounds are commonly associated with cities? How are these sounds raced? Gendered? Classed?

  • How are some cities reacting to sound/noise? What could sound studies bring to those conversations?

  • How does sound mediate our experience of city spaces?

  • How do some artists represent cities sonically?

  • What is the history of noise ordinances in a particular city?

Your post can look at any city, or even do a cross-examination of more than one. We welcome research-based posts and posts examining aural experience through a first-person narrative style; many of our posts mix both. We also welcome ideas for podcasts as well as artistic posts that use the blog format to create an original audio-visual experience.

Please pitch your idea to us in 250 (or less) of your best words by November 15th.  Send inquiries and submissions to Liana Silva-Ford, SO!’s Managing Editor at  Don’t forget to read our submission guidelines before sending us your stuff. Good luck!

Featured image for Sound and Cities CFP: “Gotham City III” by Flickr user OiMax, CC-BY-2.0

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