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So you want to be be a Sounding Out! Podcaster?

Sounding Out! also challenges and enhances our critique of sound in culture by turning to the production of sound as culture with the first of many occasional podcasts, free and ready to download at your convenience. Itunes users can access our stream here: For listeners with other podcatchers please use

From the crackle, pop and hiss of a record to the scuffle over Arizona noise ordinances, Sounding Out!remains committed to scratching the surface of your everyday with practices, insights, and theories concerning sound and culture. For your listening pleasure, we will provide extended multimedia for our posts, cultural commentary, serendipitous soundscapes, startling sound art, and mobile mixes as we quest for listeners at all corners of the ‘tubes. These podcasts will show not tell, playing back like a new album at a midnight party. Let us celebrate the archeology of sound, as we follow an episodic guide excavating relics of the unseen. If you’ve got an idea for a future podcast or would like to submit work, please drop our multimedia editor, Aaron Trammell, a line at

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