Frank Bridges

IMG_0962Frank Bridges is a Doctoral Candidate at The Rutgers University School of Communication and Information. He is also a part-time lecturer, musician, and graphic designer. His research interests are the DIY and Internet-based production and distribution of music, and visual communication with a focus on semiotic analysis and street art.


2 responses to “Frank Bridges”

  1. Walt Borys says :

    Frank! Saw your GREAT NJTV spot, talking about the Underground Archive. Would you be interested in a few live tracks taken from my RU college band Hard Water’s coffee house performances? We played about 95% folk-rock originals.

    Good old days (early 70s), when folk actually came to listen to music (one exception, a high point was opening for Heavy Trucking at The Ledge once. So we weren’t exactly famous..)

    Let me know if I can send you some cuts- .wav or mp3 files, few tracks, whole
    concert… May be able to even dig up some photos

    oldFartBassPlayer Walt


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