Gina Arnold

Gina Arnold recently received her Ph.D. in the program of Modern Thought & Literature at Stanford University, where she is currently a post doctoral scholar. Prior to beginning graduate work, she was a rock critic. Her dissertation, which draws on historical archives, literature, and films about counter cultural rock festivals of the 1960s and 1970 as well as on her own experience covering the less counter cultural rock festivals of the 1990s, is called Rock Crowds & Power. It is about rock crowds and power.

3 responses to “Gina Arnold”

  1. Paul says :

    Read your Exile in Guyville book, found it by accident and enjoyed it. I was living a traditional family life in 1990s, having finished art school, and so missed out on that whole scene. I always like to learn about happenings I missed and fill that cultural void. I’ve been getting back into music much more the last few years. My sole comment is that I feel that the “Guyville” scene can be found on open mic nights, at least in Indianapolis. Lots of posturing, mainly guys, pretty insular and so forth.


  2. Carlo Showalter says :

    GA’s “Route 666: On the Road to Nirvana” is a wonderful, cerebral, exciting – and accurate – “there and then” account of American underground rock’s major players from the first wave of Californian punk right up to Nirvana’s transition from underground to mainstream success. One of THE best books in its class, refreshingly unacademic and unpretentious. Buy it and read it!


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