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100 Years of Lomax4100 Years of Lomax (April/May 2015, Guest Edited by Tanya Clement)  Observing Alan’s centennial.




Acts of Sonic Intervention (April 2015): What is the relationship between research, theory and public practice? #soundstudiesforchange



ASA Caucus Flyer Conference Roundups (Ongoing Annually): Previews and Listings for new research on sound



Cardinale Deaf News

Deafness and Sound Studies (February 2012): Exploring ableism, audism, and the intersections and irruptions between deafness and sound studies.


DH Listening

DH and Listening (July 2016, Edited by Liana Silva): We at Sounding Out! are stoked to hear about (and listen to) all the new projects out there that archive sound, but we wonder whether the digital humanities engage enough with the the notion of listening.


WelleswTower_squareFrom Mercury to Mars (September/October 2013, Edited by Neil Verma in concert with Antenna): Invasion of #WOTW75



Gendered VoicesGendered Voices widget (February 2015, Edited by Liana Silva): Do voices express gender?  How?                                                                                                                       .



Hearing the Unheard II

Hearing the UnHeard (October 2014, Guest Edited by Seth Horowitz): Blinding you. . .with science. .



Hysterical SoundHysterical Sound3 (December 2015, Guest Edited by Karly-Lynne Scott): AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!! HEE HEE HEE!  Who you calling crazy??



Live from the SHCLive from the SHC (Spring 2012): A series featuring new research by the 2011-2012 Fellows during the sound-themed year at the Society for the Humanities at Cornell.


Medieval SoundMedieval Sound (April 2016, Guest Edited by Dorothy Kim and Christopher Roman): HEAR YE! HEAR YE!



Radio Accion2

Radio de Accíon (November 2014, Guest Edited by Tom McEnaney): Latin American and Carribbean radio histories and current waves.




Radio Art Reflections (November 2014, Guest Edited by Magz Hall): An international conversation about the state and politics of radio art.



Round Circle of Resonance

Round Circle of Resonance (December 2014, Edited by Jennifer Stoever, curated by LMGM a.k.a. Luis-Manuel Garcia) A month of sound art from arts collective La Mission in honor of José Esteban Muñoz and his influence on sound and listening. Rest in Power (August 9, 1967- December, 4, 2013).


Sculpting the Film Soundtrack

Sculpting the Film Soundtrack (August 2014, Guest Edited by Katherine Spring): Filmmakers blurring the boundaries between sound and effect.



soampSO! Amplifies (Ongoing): Cool stuff by cooler people. Now you know.




SO! Podcast (Ongoing, Monthly, Edited by Aaron Trammell): A panopoly of art, documentary, interviews, lectures, artist’s talks, and more!



Sonic Beyoncé5

Sonic Beyoncé (September 2014): the #flawless sonic universe of Queen Bey, plus bonus hair choreo.




Sonic Borders (February 2013, Co-Edited by Liana Silva, Jennifer Stoever, and Justin Burton): A mega-collabo with IASPM-US!



Sonic ShadowsWeird Tales Cover (July/August 2015, Guest Editor Julie Beth Napolin): The human voice at its outer limits.



Sound And AffectSound and Affect (September/October 2015, Guest Editor Airek Beauchamp): We get in our feels.



Sound and Pedagogy 3Sound and Pedagogy (April 2013, September 2012, and ongoing): Teaching sound, teaching with sound, teaching through sound. Listen.



Sound and PlaySound and Play (October 2013, Edited by Aaron Trammell): playing with and through sound is serious business.



Sound and Pleasure2

Sound and Pleasure (Summer 2014): Things that make you go Mmmmmmmm.                                                                                                                                             .



Sound and Sport2

Sound and Sport (Summer 2013):   sound and the complex relationship sport draws between “pain” and “gain.”                                                                               .



Sound and Surveilance4

Sound and Surveillance (October 2014, Edited by Aaron Trammell): Overhearing? Eavesdropping? Brave New World?                                                                  



Sound and Technology Forum (April 2014)Sound and Tech: bleep bleep blup bleep.                                                                                                                                                                .



Sound-Improv-New-Media-ArtSound, Improvisation and New Media Art  (December 2015, Guest Edited by Skot Deeming and Martin Zeilinger).  This series explores the nature of improvisation and its relationship to appropriative play cultures within new media art and contemporary sound practice.


Sound in the 19th3Sound in the Nineteenth Century (December 2013): Because the past is not yet past.                                                                                                                                 .



Sounding Off2

Sound Off!  //  Comment Klatsch (2013-2014): Real time comment conversations. A thing we tried.                                                                                                       .



SO! Reads3Sounding Out! Reads (Ongoing): Book Reviews SO! style.                                                                                                                                                                                      .



Sounds of the City forum

Sounds of the City (February 2014, Edited by Liana Silva): That special relationship between sound, sound studies, and urban space.



Start a band3 (1)

Start a Band Forum (May 2014, Edited by Neil Verma): This is your body on Lou Reed.                                                                                                                               .



Try This!3Tune In to the Past (Summer 2012): Listening to radio innovator Norman Corwin with new ears after his death at 101.



Unsettling the World SS Project

Unsettling the World Soundscape Project (August/September 2015, Guest Edited by Randolph Jordan): Just when you thought you knew your Westerkamp, Schaffer, and Truax. BOOM! Think again. Rewind and reconsider.



The Wobble Continuum The Wobble Frequency2(January 2014, Guest Edited by Juston Burton): All things Dub Step.                                                                                                                  .



World Listening Month3

World Listening Month (Annually in July): Observing World Listening Day on July 18th with posts, analyses, and experiences.


*Series: ongoing and/or stretching over a few months

**Forum: a concentrated month-long conversation

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