Logo and Stickers

Riverside, California-area artist Dan Torres created this little bit of awesomeness for Sounding Out!  

If you’d like him to hook you up with something fabulous–for very reasonable rates–we are more than willing to share.  

Email him at: plasticwater13@gmail.com

Peep his work out at: Plastic Water

SO! stickersOur stickers were designed (using Dan Torres’ logo) and printed by the good folks over at Blackstar Printing in Los Angeles, who did a stunning job.

Contact: Ricardo Sanchez at ricky@blackstarprinting.com

1113 N. Evergreen Ave., Los Angeles, California, (323) 547-8163

If you’d like a Sounding Out! sticker, please join our email list! Send a request with your snail mail address to jsa@soundingoutblog.com

If you are already on our email list, please join in our next SO! Comment Klatsch–the first Thursday of every month! and email JSA your address: jsa@soundingoutblog.com

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