Transcript Lines 131-145

Manerly with his ministers þe masse he begynnes

Of Spiritus Domini for his spede on sutile wise,

With queme questis of þe quere with ful quaynt notes.

Mony a gay grete lorde was gedrid to herken hit,

As þe rekenest of þe reame repairen þider ofte,

Till cessyd was þe service and sayde þe later ende;

Þen heldyt fro þe autere all þe high gynge.

Þe prelate passid on þe playn, þer plied to hym lordes,

As riche revestid as he was he rayked to þe toumbe;

Men unclosid hym þe cloyster with clustred keies,

Bot pyne wos with þe grete prece þat passyd hym after.

The byschop come to þe burynes, him barones besyde,

Þe maire with mony ma3ti men and macers before hym.

Þe dene of þe dere place devysit al on first,

Þe fyndynge of þat ferly with fynger he mynte.

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