Sonic Borders Virtual Panel: Devon Powers’s “Popular Music Studies: An Audible Discipline?”

listening1“Without careful deliberation about these issues, then, the perennial marginalization of sound in numerous fields may quite easily result in the eclipse of popular music studies. Given the choice, it is quite possible that sound studies will become the terrain of choice for answering questions related to sonic phenomena, leaving popular music scholars with  an existential question: who are we and where are we going? And more: how should those of us who study popular music think about ourselves? Are we sound studies scholars by another name? What might be lost were we to decide that we were? In short, does popular music studies continue to matter?[. . . ].”  [Reblogged from]

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Sonic Borders Schedule

1/21 – Liana Silva, Sounding Out! – “I’m on My New York Sh*t”: Jean Grae’s Sonic Claims on the City

1/28 – Regina Bradley, Sounding Out! – I Like the Way You Rhyme, Boy: Hip Hop Sensibility and Racial Trauma in Django Unchained

2/4 – Marcus Boon, Sounding Out! – One Nation Under a Groove?: Music, Sonic Borders, and the Politics of Vibration

2/6 – Barry Shank, IASPM-US – On Popular Music Studies

2/11 – Tavia Nyong’o, Sounding Out! – Freedom Back: Sounding Black Feminist History, Courtesy the Artists

2/13 – Theo Cateforis, IASPM-US – No Control, or: How I Learned to Start Worrying about Sound

2/18 – Tara Betts, Sounding Out! – They Do Not All Sound Alike: Sampling Kathleen Cleaver, Assata Shakur, and Angela Davis

2/20 – Shana L. Redmond, IASPM-US – The Sounds We Make Together: Chuck Berry’s Onomatopoeia

2/25 – Airek Beauchamp, Sounding Out! – Queer Timbres, Queered Elegy: Diamanda Galás’s The Plague Mass and the First Wave of the AIDS Crisis

2/27 – Devon Powers, IASPM-US – Popular Music Studies: An Audible Discipline?


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2 responses to “Sonic Borders Virtual Panel: Devon Powers’s “Popular Music Studies: An Audible Discipline?””

  1. Casey says :

    Hi Ms. Stover-Ackerman: attached is a sound cloud link to a story I did on your presentation at Temple University a few month’s ago. I very much enjoyed your presentation.

    Best wishes,

    Casey Christopher


    • j. stoever-ackerman says :

      Thank you for sharing the news segment and for coming to hear my talk! I truly appreciate it! –Sincerely,


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