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Sound Off! // Comment Klatsch #1: Most Memorable Sound of 2012

Sounding Off2klatsch \KLAHCH\ , noun: A casual gathering of people, esp. for refreshments and informal conversation  [German Klatsch, from klatschento gossip, make a sharp noiseof imitative origin.] (Dictionary.com)

Dear Readers:  It’s a new year, and SO! is kicking off a new feature designed to spark spontaneous conversation!  Sound Off! // Comment Klatsch will be appear on the first Thursday of every month (well, all except for today–the MLA meeting interrupted our best laid plans) and it will feature one question for open discussion curated by our editors and regular writers.  That’s it.  One single solitary question, standing alone, ready to face whatever you throw back at it.  No slate of sub questions. No wall of bullet points for you to think about. And, after today, no guiding introductory statements.  Just a question, and I hope,  lots of generative, interactive and exciting conversation in the comments that will spark new ideas, relationships, and debates in the study of sound.  So mark your calendars–next SO! Comment Klatsch will be February 7th–brew up a cuppa joe, and let Sounding Out! SOCK it to you.  And then SOCK it right back to us! —J. Stoever-Ackerman, Editor-in-Chief

What was the most memorable sound of 2012 and why? 

Comment Klatsch logo courtesy of The Infatuated on Flickr.


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