Sound Off!// Comment Klatsch #15: Urban Sounds

Sounding Off2klatsch \KLAHCH\ , noun: A casual gathering of people, esp. for refreshments and informal conversation  [German Klatsch, from klatschento gossip, make a sharp noiseof imitative origin.] (

Dear SO! Community:  Our SOCK this month comes to us from Managing Editor Liana Silva-Ford, who co-edited last month’s forum, Sounds of the City.

Who or what determines a city’s soundscape?

Comment Klatsch logo courtesy of The Infatuated on Flickr.

One response to “Sound Off!// Comment Klatsch #15: Urban Sounds”

  1. Liana Silva-Ford says :

    When I thought of this question, I was hoping to connect the four posts we had in the forum to broader issues of power and sound. All four posts considered ways that sound subverts or calls into question power structures of race and class. However, in the SOCK we can try naming those actual structures.

    One thing to consider, for example: cities are often described as noisy, but who considers them noisy? Who benefits from that classification?


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