Sounding Out! Podcast #11: Recapping SoundBox Project #Tweetasound

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In September of 2012, the team behind the SoundBox Project hosted an event online called #Tweetasound. Supported by the Sounding Out! blog and with help from many audiophiles on Twitter, the event was staged to encourage people to experiment with making social media more noisy. This podcast reflects on the experience of encountering sound in digital environments while also sampling an array of content produced during the event.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Recapping SoundBox Project #Tweetasound


Featuring tweets by:

Darren Mueller: @listeningbig
Mary Caton Lingold: @misscaton
Whitney Trettien: @whitneytrettien
Liana Silva: @literarychica
Steph Ceraso: @stephceraso
Jonas Siig: @jsiig
Robin James: @doctaj
Duke Library’s Preservation and Digitization labs: @DukePresDPC
Jade Davis @jadedid
Beck Tench: @10ch
With a special shout out to:

SoundBox is comprised of three doctoral students at Duke University, where their project is funded by the Franklin Humanities Institute and the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge. Whitney Trettien (English), Mary Caton Lingold (English), and Darren Mueller (Music), are all interested in enhancing the practice of using sound in digital scholarship.

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3 responses to “Sounding Out! Podcast #11: Recapping SoundBox Project #Tweetasound”

  1. Diane Moser says :

    For all of you who live in the NYC area…on Friday Feb 22nd, Pauline Oliveros will give a lecture from 4PM-6PM at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music at 55 W 13th St (between 5th & 6th aves) 5th floor.
    Admission is free!


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