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Sounding Out ! Podcast #19: Solid Gold Summer




Amber lights at 3AM on a humid July night. Hamburger buns, potato salad, and mustard. A nice beer at sundown. It ain’t summer without these golden moments which drip flavor and stand, timeless, in our memories. We keep a playlist of classics which can only be described as “solid gold.” For Sounding Out!’s fourth blog-o-versary, here is a mix  of songs which will forever sound summer.


Solid Gold Summer (Just the Hits):

“Metal Guru” – T Rex (Aaron Trammell)
“Sail to the Sun” – Wavves (Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman)
“212” – Azaelia Banks (Justin Burton)
“Unfair” – Pavement (Airek Beauchamp)
“John, I’m Only Dancing (again)” – David Bowie (Brooke Carlson)
“I.C.E. (El Hielo)”- La Santa Cecilia (Santa Perversa)
“Computer Love” – Zapp & Roger (Tara Betts)
“In the Park” – Ghostface Killah feat. Black Thought (Carter Mathes)
“Go Wild in the Country” – Bow Wow Wow (Seth Mulliken)
“Kill Surf City” – The Jesus and Mary Chain (D. Travers Scott)
“Pretty Girl Rock” – Keri Hilson (R.N. Bradley)
“Another Love” – Alice Smith (Roshanak Kheshti)
“‘Foreign Bodies’ Astoria-Megler Bridge” – Radiation City (Osvaldo Oyola)
“Summer Can’t Come Too Soon” – A.J. Croce (Bill Kirkpatrick)
“I Love It” – Icona Pop (Liana Silva-Ford)

#Blog-O-Versary 3.0

Click Phonograph to Download #Blog-O-Versary 3.0 Mix!
(Image by Mafleen; tunes picked by SO! writers & editors!)

Happy happy #Blog-O-Versary 3.0 to our readers, writers, retweeters, and supporters of all kinds!!  This year proves that, to quote De La Soul quoting Schoolhouse Rock, “three is the magic number.”  Of course a mic check also has to go out to another important trio, SO!‘s editorial crüe: Plug One: yours truly JSA, Editor in Chief and Guest Posts Editor, Plug Two: Liana Silva, Managing Editor, and Plug Three: Aaron Trammell, Multimedia Editor.

Here’s just a sample of the goodness that SO! has brought to y’all this past year, with some hints of how we “can’t stop won’t stop (the awesomeness)” on into year four!

  • #itoughttobeillegaltolookthisgood: After copious troubleshooting meetings and readers’ polls–thanks for the great feedback, btw–we changed to our new layout on January 1st, 2012, an effort spearheaded by Managing Editor Liana Silva.  #lovingit #ohsoreadable
  • #ontheregular: SO! welcomed two new regular writers to our roster this year, multimedia artist Maile Colbert, who works out of Binaural Nodar in Lisbon, Portugal. and African American Studies scholar Regina Bradley, coming to you out of Florida State University. Look for their posts on full regular rotation in 2013.

Close-up of image by Flickr user Thomas Hawk

  • #seriesandforumsandCFPsohmy!: In addition to plotting our more broad general coverage, I began organizing special “Series” and “Forums” that took more lingering listens to specific issues and particular sites.  In February 2012, SO! hosted a month-long forum on Deafness; throughout Spring 2012 we featured a series of dispatches, “Live From the SHC” that shared the new scholarship from the Sound Studies fellows gathered at Cornell’s Society for the Humanities.  We just wrapped up a July forum on Listening in observation of World Listening Day and are in the midst of a summer series on radio history, “Tune in to the Past,” that sifts through the legacy of Norman Corwin.  Look for a pedagogy forum to ring in the start of the academic school year in August, featuring the winner of our recent Call for Posts, “Sound and Pedagogy: Amplifying the Teachable Moment.”  In fact, we received so many great pitches, we will offer a “refresher course” forum in spring 2013!

courtesy of Flickr user Stencil Terrorists

And that’s just a glimpse of how Sounding Out! “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (the Awesomeness)”  on and on until the break of dawn (or at least until 9:00 a.m. every Monday morning). Now go ahead and take a listen with our annual downloadable mixtape–a seriously kick ass 90 minute TDK tape super-megamix that spans six decades and a dizzying array of genres–courtesy of Team SO!  You’ve earned it!

 –JSA, Editor in Chief


Click here for Sounding Out!‘s Blog-O-Versary 3.0 mix with track listing

(Just in case you missed last year’s 2.0 celebration–and mix–click here; for our first Blog-O-Versary party mix click here)


Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman is co-founder, Editor-in-Chief and Guest Posts Editor for Sounding Out! She is also Assistant Professor of English at Binghamton University and a 2011-2012 Fellow at the Society for the Humanities at Cornell University.

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